Ultrasensitive midstream stick for early pregnancy detection

Midstream stick systems are more convenient and easier to use as compared with conventional dipsticks. At the same time, they are more sensitive, i.e. pregnancy can be detected even with a low level of HCG (10 mIU/ml), which allows you to find out about pregnancy already 2-4 days before the expected start of the cycle.

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Ultrasensitive midstream stick for early pregnancy detection

MAMATEST® gives exact answer to your question!

MAMATEST® will help you detect pregnancy or ovulation, ensuring accurate (99% accuracy) and clear results.

The manufacturer of MAMATEST® was focused on sensitivity and reliability, therefore, the latest technologies, materials and reagents of the highest quality are used to produce the brand diagnostic tests.

BEROMED GmbH Hospital Products (Berlin, Germany) is known as a global manufacturer of medical products associated with German quality.


Reliability over 99%


Ultra-early diagnosis of pregnancy


German high quality at a bargain price


Rapid test at any time of the day

Ovulation Test

MAMATEST® ovulation test will help you determine the days when the impregnation is most likely.

  • Test sensitivity from 25 mIU/ml
  • Reliability above 99%
  • Accurate and quick result
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