Ovulation Test

MAMATEST® ovulation test will help you determine the days when the impregnation is most likely. The cycle includes the time of ovulation, i.e. release of an ovum ready for fertilization from the ovaries. During this period, the amount of LH – lutenizing hormone or “fertility” hormone – sharply increases in the woman’s body. MAMATEST® Ovulation Test is a quick and easy-to-use test to determine when the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) rises.

  • Test sensitivity from 25 mIU/ml
  • Reliability above 99%
  • Accurate and quick result

Five dipsticks for ovulation test in an individual package with an absorbent bag; package insert.

This kit allows testing daily for 5 days, which will help you to choose the days when the impregnation is most likely.

Collect the morning portion of urine in a clean, dry dish. Open the individual package, take out the test dipstick, holding it by the end marked with the letters LH. Immerse the test dipstick in a container with the urine, holding it vertically, to the level marked with MAX for 3 seconds. Then place the test dipstick on a dry horizontal surface. In 1-5 minutes, interpret the result. Discard the absorbent bag.

С – Control zone, Т – Test zone

The test band is of the same intensity as the control one, or darker: LH discharge, ovulation will occur in 24-48 hours – the most favorable time for the impregnation. The result is positive.

The test band is of less intensity as the control one, or absent: no LG discharge. The result is negative.

The control band did not appear: the test was not performed correctly, repeat the test. Result is invalid.

If you try to get impregnated and have your next cycle delayed, we recommend to use pregnancy tests MAMATEST®.